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Why every photographer needs their own bespoke calendar

With photography, nothing is more important than having a memorable portfolio, and that’s where our calendar printing services come in. Simply supply us with the images and we’ll put together a stunning product that’ll make your work shine.

Read on for 5 reasons why having custom calendars made is a very good idea…

Number 1: the problem with portfolios is very simple – as soon as you put one in front of a potential client, they’re aware you’re selling to them. Calendars, on the other hand, are a practical product that can be used every day. This makes them an ideal way to communicate everything about what you do.

Number 2: how often do you need to check the dates in your diary? As calendar printers, we can guarantee that the high-quality photographs we print for you will get seen by people. Unlike the portfolio, which only gets looked at when your potential client is considering your services, the calendar will get used daily. This means your photographs will be seen frequently, giving you many more chances of selling your work to lots of people who see the calendar hanging on the office wall.

Number 3: most people aren’t a fan of junk mail, but one great way to reach out to potential customers is to send a calendar! You may lose money on the postage and packaging, but what you’ll gain is a reputation for being different.

Number 4: calendar printing is great because, with a custom calendar, you can advertise your greetings cards and other promotional merchandise (as it happens, we can take care of greetings card printing too).

Number 5: calendar printing is what we do, so unlike more general firms, we can guarantee the product will be just as good as your photographs! By creating a fine quality product which marries beautiful design with a weight of paper that really does your photographic talents justice, you always make the best impression.

For more information on our calendar printing services, please head on over to our calendars page, where you’ll find lots of information about our A3 calendar printing and double A4 calendars. Alternatively, give us a call on 01785 747461 and we’ll see how we can help you out!

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