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Welcome to The Calendar Company – The Expert Calendar Printers

Calendar Printing

At The Calendar Company, we excel in creating high-quality printed products, including calendars, bespoke greeting cards, postcards, and a diverse array of promotional items. Our skilled printers combine their expertise and technical knowledge with the finest materials and cutting-edge technology to produce products that will delight and impress your customers. No matter your requirements, we guarantee first-class service and exceptional results, all at highly competitive prices.


Custom Calendar Printing

The Calendar Company offers an extensive range of calendar printing options suitable for both long and short-run requirements. We specialise in crafting bespoke calendars that incorporate your preferred colours, logos, typefaces, and design concepts. Speak to a member of our friendly team to discuss your specific needs, or explore our collection of pre-designed calendar ideas to kickstart your project.

Calendar Options

We can help you create the perfect calendar for your needs, whether you require A3 or A4 calendars, slimline calendars, double-A4 calendars, booklet calendars, desk calendars, or CD-case style calendars.

Brand Promotion and Fundraising

Custom-designed calendars are an excellent way to promote your brand or raise funds for your favourite charity. A well-designed calendar becomes a focal point in your clients’ offices or homes, drawing attention to your logo, business details, or your chosen charity’s profile. Our affordable prices ensure that charity calendars can be sold with a generous profit margin to support charitable endeavours.

Local Photography Calendars

The Calendar Company also prints a wide selection of calendars featuring stunning photography from across the United Kingdom, created by local photographers who intimately know their regions. If you are a photographer looking to produce a calendar for your part of Britain, visit and get in touch to see how we can assist you in expanding your business.

We are confident that our experienced calendar printers will bring your vision to life, providing top-tier calendar printing at competitive prices, regardless of the order size.


Bespoke Greetings Cards and Postcards

At The Calendar Company, we specialise in printing bespoke greeting cards and postcards. Our state-of-the-art technology and expertise ensure that your images are faithfully reproduced with vivid colours on high-quality card stock. We offer both long- and short-run options, making it cost-effective for individual artists and photographers to produce and sell to retailers.

Personalised Greetings Cards

Personalised greeting cards are a fantastic way to promote your business or a charity. Your images and details can be shared worldwide, not just at Christmas but throughout the year. Businesses can send personalised cards to clients as a thank you for their custom. Charities can sell bespoke greeting cards individually or in packs to raise funds for their causes.

High-Quality Postcards

Postcards are ideal for photographers and artists to sell to retailers or use for marketing. The Calendar Company produces A5 and A6 postcards with the same commitment to quality as all our products, beautifully reproducing your images on premium card stock.

Get in Touch

For more information about our expert printing services for calendars, bespoke greeting cards, postcards, personalised gifts, and promotional items, contact us today. Our design team is ready to help bring your ideas to life!

Our Products

Calendar Printing Company

Bespoke Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards are a great way of publishing your business or charity. The most obvious time of year for this is Christmas! Not only will plenty of Christmas cards be posted through the letterboxes of residential homes in 2012, a large number will be dropping through the letterboxes of businesses as well. A bespoke greetings card can be sent from one company to another if they have business dealings together, or from a supplier as a thank you for custom over the past year.

Bespoke Greeting Cards need not just be for Christmas. We have found several charities, companies and individuals have been expressing an interest in ordering more generic greetings cards for throughout the year. Charitable organisations often sell batches of beautiful greeting cards to raise money for a good cause. The profit made by the sale of each bespoke greeting card can be used to boost the revenue of a number of charitable trusts.

Using our bespoke greeting card printing services plenty of styles and designs can be chosen. Not only can they be highly personal each one of the fine printed products can boost the image of your company or charity.

Calendar Printing

Think of a way that you can generate money for the charity that you work for and the sale of calendars might spring to mind. With 2019 well underway you will find the shops soon filling up with 2020 calendars in readiness for the following year!

Go into any kitchen or office in the UK and you will more than likely see a calendar hanging on the wall, or standing on a desk. These may be displaying beautifully printed images of wildlife, or perhaps the dates and details of your favourite dog club! It is apparent in many busy family homes or bustling offices that the family calendar becomes an important organisational tool.

Your business could grab the opportunity to become a permanent fixture in offices and homes by selling or giving away a calendar with your logo and business details. Your charity could raise its profile in the much same way. Why not have the best of both worlds and endorse your company by teaming with a charity to donate profits to from the sales of exceptionally printed calendars? It could be that you are a PTA member for a Primary School and there is a local charity particularly close to your heart. Printing a calendar and dividing the profits between your school and charity could entice more individuals to donate by buying your uniquely designed printed calendar. Possibly you work for a charitable trust that helps to support guide dogs for the blind and need to raise money to invest in new pups. The charity that you support can certainly benefit greatly when calendar printing services are utilised.

If you are a photographer looking to produce a localised calendar then please check out and get in touch with us to see how we can help you make more from your business!

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