As a specialist provider in calendar printing we offer extremely competitive prices. We believe our calendars are of the highest quality; whilst you may find cheaper prices, the product will simply not match up. To prove this, we are always happy to send out samples of our work to any potential customer. Just use our sample request form to request a calendar sample.

A4, A3 and Slimline Calendar Printing

Our A4, A3 and Slimline calendars are printed onto 170gsm silk stock and consist of 13 pages with full colour to one side only. We have judged this stock as optimal calendar printing paper. These calendars have a back card of 350gsm upon which we print one side in black only, including a small line with our details on.

Double A4 Calendar Printing

Double A4 calendars are printed on 210gsm silk stock. The Double A4 calendar consists of 13 pages; 12 pages with full colour to both sides, and 1 page of full colour to one side and black print on the back. This calendar is wire bound and has a hole punched for ease of hanging. Our booklet calendars consist of 14 pages (28pp) of full colour and are saddle stitched with a hole punched for ease of hanging with cover page of 250gsm and inners of 170gsm.

We offer a wide selection of calendar design templates, but unlike many other companies we offer a more bespoke package where we tailor each calendar template to suit your organisation, with choices of colours, fonts, and logos. If you do not see a design you like simply discuss your calendar design ideas with us and we will create this for you.

And for all this extra work we charge absolutely nothing! Our competitors will charge extras for dates and logos, charging anything up to £35.00 per item. At The Calendar Company we go the extra mile for our customers, and believe this makes us the best choice for your calendar printing requirements.

Below are a selection of the designs we have created over the years for our customers, we are also happy to produce bespoke designs at no extra cost.

A3/A4 Calendar Printing Designs

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Double A4 Calendar Printing Designs


A4 and Slimline calendar prices, 13 pages of 170gsm cmyk to one side only and back card of 300gsm RRP £5.00-£7.50

Quantity Each Total Total inc. VAT
100 3.13 313.00 376.00
200 2.89 577.71 693.25
300 2.79 837.19 1004.63
400 2.59 1037.92 1245.50
500 2.45 1223.96 1468.75
1000 2.12 2115.00 2538.00
2000 1.52 3035.42 3642.50
3000 1.24 3730.63 4476.75

A3 calendar prices, 13 pages of 170gsm cmyk to one side only and back card of 300gsm RRP £8.00-£12.00

Quantity Each Total Total inc. VAT
100 4.75 474.90 569.88
200 4.50 900.83 1081.00
300 4.21 1263.13 1515.75
400 3.82 1527.50 1833.00
500 3.72 1860.42 2232.50
1000 3.09 3094.17 3713.00
2000 2.12 4249.58 5099.50
3000 1.80 5405.00 6486.00

Double A4 calendar prices, 13 pages of 210gsm cmyk to both sides RRP £7.50-£10.00

Quantity Each Total Total inc. VAT
100 4.26 425.94 511.13
200 3.92 783.33 940.00
300 3.77 1130.94 1357.13
400 3.62 1449.17 1739.00
500 3.43 1713.54 2056.25
1000 2.61 2614.38 3137.25
2000 1.71 3427.08 4112.50
3000 1.42 4259.38 5111.25

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